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Jun 102012
Lycopodium Logo ASX: LYL

Lycopodium is an Australian headquartered engineering and project management (EPCM) consultancy which provides a complete range of services for the evaluation, development, implementation and optimisation of projects across a broad range of industries. Lycopodium’s business model is based on providing superior quality services to clients by delivering studies, engineering, projects and maintenance advice that are fit for purpose and that exceed established acceptance criteria.

Lycopodium is committed to its core value of leaving a positive legacy within the community.

Since Lycopodium’s first successful gold project in Ghana in 1995, it has gone on to complete projects in Africa including remote regions of Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and the DRC. Currently Lycopodium is active in 11 different countries on the continent. Work is undertaken with clients to ensure that assessment, design and implementation of projects integrate social criteria with the traditional drivers of economic and environmental impact. Integral to this approach is an absolute focus on health, safety, environment and community. Lycopodium has an intimate understanding of key environmental and community relations issues drawn from the learning and honing process that can only be gained from hands-on project development experience.

During the course of completing projects in Ghana, Lycopodium became aware of an NGO called B.A.S.I.C.S. working in Chorkor, Labadi, Dome and Achimota, which are indigenous communities located in Accra.

Lycopodium contributed to the purchase of the land and provided personnel to manage the construction of the building. Lycopodium personnel also donated computers, vocational training tools and school supplies to be used in the building. Some photographs and more information can be found here.