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Nov 272012
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Professional Service Solutions (PSS) is a specialist support company providing Operational Risk Management services along with Travel Safety Management, Disaster and Emergency Response, Project Implementation and Operations Support.

We have extensive experience operating in the Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia and Africa with our clients who include mining, construction, development and finance companies, the United Nations, government, military and humanitarian organisations.

Our operational risk management approach focuses on developing strategies that reduce the likelihood of negative events occurring. We do this by gaining a thorough understanding of the operating environment and determining the underlying issues that could lead to a negative event. We develop risk treatment strategies that treat the root cause and not the symptoms.

We see CSR as an important component of operational risk management and our strength is in understanding the people who live in the project area. From the outset we learn about the various ethnic groups and their respective cultures; we learn about the religions, the history and the tribal systems that play an important part in everyday life. We connect with local communities (particularly the elders) and we engage them as stakeholders and not simply as beneficiaries. We invest in communities through providing employment, training and mentoring opportunities. Through this approach we have had exceptional success in some the world’s most dangerous and difficult environments.

PSS has an extensive network of partners who combine with us to provide the full spectrum of risk management services including specialist crisis leadership, sovereign risk and business integrity. Our combined range of services allows us to assist client operations from the work site to the boardroom and all places in between.