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Dec 042012
Intra Energy Corporation Logo ASX: IEC

Intra Energy Corporation Limited is an Australian public company (ASX:IEC) operating and developing coal mines in Eastern Africa.

IEC operates Tancoal Energy Limited (Tancoal), 70% owned by IEC and 30% by the National Development Corporation (NDC) of Tanzania. The Tancoal mine is a project of Tanzanian national significance, representing the only operating coal mine in Tanzania. It is well positioned to play a dominant role in producing coal for industrial use and the fuel for power stations proposed in the region. The proposed coal fired power stations will provide reliable electricity supply for Tanzania. IEC is planning a similar power project in Malawi.

IEC remains committed to working with the local people by supporting various community projects. The Mbalwala Women’s Group was established in late 2011 after consultation with local women and in partnership with community leaders and the Australian Government. The Women’s Group has established a number of activities for the local women to learn new skills and to have the opportunity to run each activity as a business. It also enables IEC to work with local women to improve their education, health, independence and social equality.