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Feb 062017

2016 Highlights
AAMEG has established a strong,
consolidated voice, representing and
promoting the Australian resources
sector working across Africa.
A key gap identified in 2016 was the
lack of current information regarding
the Australian presence in Africa. We
commenced a research project which
aims to promote renewed engagement
by updating information surrounding
the economic footprint of the Australian
resources industry across the African
continent, and also the mutual benefits
that flow from this relationship. Outcomes
from this research will be reported on
during this current financial year.
We published a toolkit to address specific
risk issues associated with operating in
Africa. The Social Aspects Management
handbook, written by Robin Budden –
aims to enhance the ability of member
companies in managing social and
environmental risks, in a manner that
aligns with international guidelines and
good practices and also brings lasting
benefits for those affected by their
With the support of member
organisations, we have continued to
develop and present a diverse and
extensive calendar of events which covers
a wide range of relevant issues. Our events
have been received positively by the
industry and are well attended.
We have developed a significant
relationship with the Australian Federal
Government and have excellent working
relationships with the Australian Heads of
Missions across Africa.
From a more global perspective, AAMEG
is a signatory to the UN Global Compact
and is an active member of the UN
Global Compact Australia network.
We provided co-ordinated feedback
into the development of model clauses
between Government Security Forces and
companies with respect to security and
Human Rights.

Full newsletter in link: AAMEG013 Newsletter Jan 2017 – Digital